National Oceanic Resource Management Authority

May 14, 2024

Employment Opportunity - Assistant Director (Fisheries Management Division)

June 9th, 2024


Office of Personnel Administration FSM National Government

P.O.Box PS-35
Palikir, Pohnpei, FM 96941 Tel:(691)320-2618/2642

It is the policy of the FSM Government that qualified FSM citizens is given first priority for employment consideration; with other Micronesian and U.S. citizens utilized in positions for which no qualified FSM citizens are available.


Assistant Director

PL-42/1: $1177.58 B/W + $40.00 Cola = $1217.58

This is the minimum rate at step one of the grade. Higher rates maybe authorized in cases of hard-to-fill positions where it is appropriate to the qualification of the appointee.


National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA)
Fisheries Management Division
FSM National Government
Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941


  • Responsible for the management of the Fisheries Management Division within NORMA;
  • Ensures the fisheries that NORMA is responsible for are managed sustainably and to the benefit of FSM;
  • Includes management and consolidation of fisheries that collected and used by NORMA;
  • Responsible for overall operation of the Fisheries Management Division;
  • Responsible for delivery of Divisional requirements in the NORMA Strategic and Corporate Plans;
  • Responsible for consolidation and management of all fisheries data relevant to NORMA;
  • Ensure that reports and data analysis presented to NORMA management are well structured, complete and qualify assured through collaboration with other Divisions;
  • Lead delivery of expert advice to NORMA management on fisheries management related issues based on consultation and input from all other Divisions and relevant sources;
  • Support NORMA management in fisheries access negotiations;
  • Implement access agreements as agreed in negotiations by ensuring all regulations and procedures are followed;
  • Liaise with foreign companies on matters relating to their agreement and permits;
  • Ensure legislation, regulations, policies, plan and procedures for FSM fisheries operations are up to date; provide research, analysis and advice to NORMA management on current/new developments in fisheries management systems and schemes;
  • Liaise with state and other federal agencies and stakeholders in relations to fisheries management and development;
  • Represent FSM/NORMA at regional and international forums when required;
  • Ensure that all regional/international obligations are met by NORMA for FSM;
  • Ensure that relevant stakeholders in FSM are consulted and aware of FSM’s national/regional/international obligations; responsible for overall management of the VDS for FSM;
  • Ensure licensing and management systems are continually reviewed and improved to maximize efficiency and effectiveness; mange, account, report and reconcile fisheries revenue earned by NORMA for the FSM;
  • Ensure NORMA is able to facilitate and effectively respond to periodic audits;
  • And perform other duties as assigned.


Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in fisheries management, economics or equivalent or related field. Specialized training and/or certification in various fisheries management and data systems is desirable plus five (5) years’ work experience in fisheries management and experience in Pacific Island administrations is desirable


Secure Application Forms From and Return to FSM National Government Personnel Office or send your application to the following contacts:

Officer of Personnel, FSM 
P.O. Box PS-35
Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941 
P.O. Box PS-122
Kolonia, Pohpei FM 96941

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority
PO Box PS 122
Pohnpei, FM 96941
Federated States of Micronesia
Telephone: (691) 320-2700/5181
Fax: (691) 320-2383
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