National Oceanic Resource Management Authority

Fisheries Compliance Division (FCD)

The Fisheries Compliance Division (FCD) is responsible for catch and effort as well as other fisheries related statistical data including catch logsheets, catch validation, transshipment reports, zone notifications and vessel control reports.

The division also staff the Maritime Boundary Task Force, with the objective of pursuing FSM’s maritime boundary delimitation issues. The overall management and oversight of NORMA’s information technology, including the Information Management System (IMS), network servers, digitization and electronic reporting of catch fall under this division.

One of the most significant tasks of the division is compliance, particularly in ensuring compliance under various regulatory frameworks including national laws, regulations and policies, regional arrangements and international treaties and conventions. Much of the compliance work within NORMA is done in tandem with the Department of Justice, particularly the Maritime Surveillance Wing.

The division also co-chairs the Fisheries Management & Surveillance Working Group, which, by law meets every quarter on compliance and other related matters.

Finally, the division is tasked with overseeing various technical projects, some of which, by nature of the work, may rest with other divisions, particularly the Fisheries Science Division.

The priority areas of focus that have been identified by the division for FY17-FY18 are: strengthening review, validation and reporting to ensure improved compliance; improved IT, data and statistics for enhanced efficiencies and better reporting; and public awareness in collaboration with and support of management and other divisions within NORMA. Under the issue of public awareness, the division also manages and oversees NORMA’s Fisheries Awareness Campaign.

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