National Oceanic Resource Management Authority


Title 24 of the FSM Code of Conduct tasks NORMA to Issue PERMITS. Section 103 of Title 24 stipulates that no domestic fishing commercial pilot fishing, foreign fishing or such other fishing or related activity is to be allowed in the FSM EEZ without a valid applicable PERMIT. Section 104 of the same code stipulates that no marine scientific research, training or foreign recreational fishing shall be allowed in the EEZ without a valid applicable PERMIT. Section 301 of the Code also stipulates that the Authority can require Permit for Flag Vessels for high seas fishing or areas over which foreign nations claim sovereignty or sovereign right.

Permit Applications

Type of permit applications being processed in Licensing Section under the Fisheries Management Division (FMD) include Foreign Fishing Permit, Domestic Fishing Permit, Support (carrier and bunker) Permit, Flag Permit and Research Permit. FMD is currently employing an Online Licensing System in applying and processing these permit applications online and envisions using the system for applying and processing research vessel permits as well.

Before applying for applications online, the following must already be secured for each type of permit.

Foreign Fishing/Support/Domestic

  • Signed Access Agreement authorizing days, vessels and payment schedules (Fishing Only)
  • A recent colored side photo of vessel showing the Vessel Name and Registration Number
  • A copy of Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) Good Standing Certificate
  • A copy of Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) VDS Certificate (Purse Seine & Longline Only)
  • Valid Country of Registration Certificate
  • Valid Vessel Insurance
  • Proof of payment(wire transfer/bank deposit and/or copy of check
  • Crew List


  • Copy of TC&I Certification of Registry
  • FFA Good Standing Certificate (returning vessels)
  • Valid Insurance
  • Owner Certificate
  • Color photo of vessel showing IRC and Vessel Name on both sides non older than 12 months
  • Safety Certificate
  • Observer Coverage Plan(Longlines Only)
  • Proof of Payment


  • Nationality Certificate
  • Details of Voyage and Include
  • Valid Insurance
  • Area of Operation
  • Itinerary
  • Purpose
  • Specific Objective
  • Method of Research, Training
  • Other (Specify Purpose)
National Oceanic Resource Management Authority
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Federated States of Micronesia
Telephone: (691) 320-2700/5181
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