National Oceanic Resource Management Authority

Fisheries Management Division (FMD)

The Fisheries Management Division (FMD) is tasked with a range of duties and responsibilities varying from implementation of fishing agreements to day to day operational finance and administrative tasks. Elements of implementing fishing agreements include overseeing the management of the Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) and coordination with stakeholders in maximizing contributions to FSM’s economy. The operational finance and administrative section manages and maintains operational budget, human resource, and daily administrative tasks.

One of the key roles within the FMD is receiving, reviewing and issuing fishing, fishing related activity and flag state permits. Fishing related activity include carrier and bunker vessels. In addition, FMD receives, reviews and issues permits for research and training vessels. Associated revenue generated from VDS and permit related fees are accounted for by the division and reconciled with FSM Department of Finance and Administration.

The World Bank funded Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) project is also under this division and the objective of the project is to provide support to improve fisheries management. Further details can be found here.

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority
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Federated States of Micronesia
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